Best Towns in Europe for Halloween


The Halloween Costume wakes up the curiosity of young people around the world with the subject of candy and films. You know best what your child likes and enjoys seeing. The halloween excuse, 4 place proposals for Halloween in Europe.


London Dungeons are doing special programs on Halloween. Without the program, it can also be eerie. In East London, tours where you can hear the stories of Jack the Ripper’s donut will be suitable for families who are afraid of fear. For a lighter and more entertaining celebration, one of the addresses is the London Eye. They offer activity packs for families from the pumpkin carving competition.


What do you think of the vampire museum opened by the world’s only vampiologist if you’re looking for something intimidating? Be in your mind that you should go by appointment. For most fun-filled activities, it must be Disneyland. You can have fun all day from your decorations, to the costumed transitional ceremony, to the colorful candy to your attractions. Not the only park in Disneyland, of course. The Parc Astérix attractions, the haunted house, the scary stories and the little ones can be interested.


Barcelona’s Gothic architecture is very tempting to spend the Hall of Fame with its multicultural traditions and festivals. A spooky but interesting event takes place in Sant Feliu Sasserra, which is about an hour outside the city. It is worth noting that the festival referred to 23 witches condemned to death by the Inquisition Court is horrifying to be seen. There’s a witch museum here too. If you are young and looking for a more joyful activity, you can go to the PortAventura amusement park. Another alternative might be celebrations spreading from funny costume races, games, zombies to fun at workshops in Poble Espanyol.


The streets of Dublin can be interesting to see walks and costumes as a family without the need for a very colorful, special activity time for the Feast of the Witches.

In addition to the children’s activities at the National Museum, you can also see scary skulls and hear terrible stories about the Vikings. Located in Causey Farm about an hour from Dublin, Farmaphobia is an interesting park set up to scare Ireland with different experiences.