56276 is one of the best-known brands of Expedia , a group that also owns Trivago among many other online travel agencies, flight reservations, hotels and accommodations of all kinds, car rentals, cruises and everything type of vacation packages. Its major internet competitor is , owned in this case by Priceline Group , another large American corporation that owns, as well as Booking of,, etc. Among many other features, its search engine allows you to search among hotels that allow pets in Madrid , Barcelona and many other Spanish cities.

When it comes to planning a trip for business or pleasure , it is very useful to find information to help us find the services we could use when traveling and visiting the destination to which we are going.

Thus, there are several apps and sites that strive to give the traveler easy ways to find where to stay, some even how to move around in the area visited.

An alternative to find a hotel where to register (and which also has an app ) is . Next we will analyze the operation of your site. Strengths

The site has an attractive, professional design , easy to understand. To start using it you just have to add the destination, hotel, address or highlighted site, the dates you will need to stay and how many people will work on it.

When doing the search the site shows a list of hotels, with the offer of the day at the top.

Each hotel has a name , address, landmarks, conditions, TripAdvisor rating, price and button to choose rooms.

You can also filter the hotels by price , stars, colony in which you are located, highlights of the area, type of hotel, services offered, themes or accessibility for people with disabilities.

When you enter a hotel in particular you can consult, in addition to what is already seen in the list of hotels, the map, reviews / reviews of customers, more images, services included, as well as send by email or share in networks, among other data.

When a person decides to set aside a room , the site offers the types of rooms available. When the desired option is selected, it offers two alternatives: full payment or reserving with a deposit.

Once this is done, the site takes the client to see the details of the section , as well as to the client adding their data, such as name, surname, as well as adding the payment methods.

The forms of payment they accept are Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. Once the payment details have been added, as well as a name, telephone number and email , the section can be confirmed.

Challenges of

From the section of hotel rooms section the site will not let you return to the main page (or at least not put a clear link on the logo or visible elsewhere). This can be counterproductive because the client has to type the address again, which may be annoying.

The site shows its home page initially in English . It would be friendlier to most users who visit from Mexico to offer Spanish first or at least give the option to choose between English or Spanish according to the client’s preference.

The amount of frequent questions is small . They should make a broader list with all the possible doubts of the client and also, if possible, include a purchase guide. Although the site is indeed easy to use, an inexperienced user would benefit a lot from this section and would also be a good way to gain greater confidence from a prospective client.

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