LOT Airlines Review


LOT Airlines is a modern airline connecting Central and Eastern Europe with the world. Every year, LOT Airlines hosts on our planes almost 9 million passengers, which LOT Airlines provides the shortest possible and the most comfortable trip every day to as many as 110 destinations in the world, with an average of 350 cruises per day. LOT Airlines is the only company in the region offering long-haul flights – LOT Airlines fly directly to New York, Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and from Krakow to Chicago, from Rzeszów to Newark and from Budapest to New York and Chicago.

Warsaw hub is an efficient and competitive interchange center for Poland and CEE. An optimally constructed network of connections, fast transfers, convenient times of takeoffs and landings, and at the same time a location in the center of Europe and a friendly airport infrastructure – these are the advantages thanks to which LOT Airlines provides a wide range of transfer and conection for the region.

Additionally, in cooperation with the Nordic Aviation Group, LOT Airlines offer 15 point to pint connections from Tallinn in Estonia, thus strengthening the offer on European routes and increasing their presence in the Baltic States. This is how LOT Airlines build the leading position in Central and Eastern Europe.

LOT Airlines has developed wings – their planes form one of the youngest fleets in Europe and as the only long-haul connections LOT Airlines serve only the most modern planes in the world, Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

With LOT, everyone travels the way they like. Thanks to the rich palette of classes, tariffs, products and services, LOT Airlines is free to compose a journey with the most favorite, useful and necessary elements. Thanks to this, LOT Airlines also becomes the first choice for more and more passengers in the region. Confidence in us is confirmed by numerous awards LOT Airlines receive each year, including the most important ones – awarded by the votes of passengers.

LOT is above all people – full of positive energy, who skillfully combine modernity with tradition. The best team of pilots – often recognized in the world of champions, qualified crews and personnel on the ground every day takes care of our passengers with passion and commitment. LOT Airlines is building the most international Polish brand.

They operate on the basis of 5 key strategic assumptions: 1. Using the potential of the growing market, 2. Developing the network of connections and HUB, 3. Fighting for each client, 4. Increase in efficiency and 5. Involved team  

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