Buy cheaper flights with Rumbo.Es

Rumbo Es

If you like to travel and take advantage of any occasion to make a getaway, you should start taking advantage of Rumbo.Es, an online travel agency where you will find the best travel deals. 

Through its website you will enjoy discounts on hotels, flights, trains, cruises and rental cars, accessing the best offers in all the destinations you can imagine. 

In addition, to make life easier for travellers, it offers the possibility of directly contracting flight + hotel or train + hotel combinations, as well as accessing offers that they have prepared for all types of destinations, which allows saving a large amount of weather. 

With more than 15 years of experience, the key to Rumbo’s success is that it compares all the prices of different companies to offer us the best-guaranteed travel deals, knowing that the price it shows us will be the cheapest we can find. 

Without a doubt, Rumbo is one of the best options to travel at the best price, but at Dreamtripworld we want you to still be able to save a little more. For this reason, we have gathered here different tricks to buy even cheaper flights with Rumbo.Es. So if you haven’t started planning your next vacation yet, pay attention. 

Do you want to buy tickets in Rumbo at the best price? Take note of our tricks!

1. Book your trip in advance

If you want to save and enjoy the best price, an excellent option is to buy in Rumbo.Es well in advance , the sooner the better. If you are clear about the dates of your trip and where you want to go, why wait to get everything ready. 

Searching in advance is the advice given by the platform itself to find the best deals , since generally the closer the travel date gets, the more prices will go up.

2. Take advantage of last minute offers

Another option if you like risk is to wait until the last minute to take advantage of last minute offers , since there are times when hotels to complete their accommodations launch incredible offers that allow you to enjoy your trip at an irresistible price. 

This is a good option to enjoy unexpected trips overnight that you did not have in mind, since you may find a flight or accommodation a few days before at a much lower price than usual. 

In any case, as we have mentioned before, if you are clear that you want to take a trip, we recommend that you start the search as soon as possible, since if you wait at the last minute you run the risk of not finding any offer and end up paying a much higher price for your trip. 

3. Use the filters

Rumbo puts at our disposal different search filters that are very useful when booking your trip at the best price , since they will allow you to sort the search results according to your preferences.

Focusing on savings, its website allows you to filter the results by price , from lowest to highest, in order to increase the chances of enjoying maximum savings. 

In addition, it offers the option of indicating the maximum price you want to spend , thus discarding all the results that exceed the price that you have set the limit and that, therefore, do not interest you. 

4. Avoid weekends and high season

Another trick to avoid higher prices is to avoid traveling on weekends or in high season , since as is obvious, prices will be more expensive, since that is when there is a greater demand. 

Traveling from Monday to Thursday you can enjoy a trip up to half the price of traveling from Friday to Sunday. If you have the flexibility to choose your vacation, this is a point to take into account.