Tutu.ru Review


If you want to visit Russia you should know about tutu.ru . Let’s read our Tutu.ru Review.

Tutu.ru is one of the most advertised services for booking air tickets and vacation spots. In addition to the standard services for such sites, it offers a variety of excursions and tours: adventure (extreme), beach, etc.

How to use the service Tutu.ru

In this article, I want to share my impressions of the cool service for searching and online booking of air and railway tickets (including trains), buses, tours and hotels. Explain how it works and post some useful tips for those who are not familiar with the full functionality of Tutu.ru

How to register on the tutu.ru website

To register on the tutu.ru website, click the link in the upper right corner and first indicate the email address and accept the terms of personal data processing. Authentication through the VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook accounts is also available (consent to access the public data of the page is required). You will need to confirm your e-mail by following the link from the received letter. The system will ask us to come up with a password (the login is now an email address). Now we have access to a personal account.

Mobile app

The provider also has a mobile application. It is adapted to devices with Android OS (starting from version 5.0) and iOS (from 11.0 and higher), it is downloaded for free from markets. Mobile does not require registration and only works with booking tickets for trains, planes and buses. Users rate the software on average 4.6 / 4.9 points out of 5 depending on the smartphone/tablet platform. There are, of course, negative reviews, mostly they are related to technical errors when displaying the online schedule.

How to buy tickets on the Tutu.ru website

Let’s analyze the process of buying air tickets using the example of a Moscow – Kazan flight for two passengers travelling in economy class. Click on the link “Flights” in the top menu of the account and see a standard form in front of us: point of departure (“From” – Откуда), destination (“Where” – Куда), date of departure and return flight, number of passengers of different categories (adults, children from 2 to 12 years and kids up to 2 years old) and class.

We enter everything and proceed to viewing the options. The system analyzes the offers of 320 carriers and gives out almost two hundred available options. To simplify the search, you can set a filter by departure / arrival time (intervals from 06:00 to 12:00, from 12:00 to 18:00, from 18:00 to 24:00 and from 00:00 to 06:00) , airport, airline, as well as choose direct routes, with free luggage and exchange / return. The default is to sort the results in terms of the best price and the most demanded airline.

We choose the appropriate option and with all the additional options: luggage, exchange, refund – and proceed to booking. By the way, the number of free places is displayed in the description.

Taking into account possible discounts, the order value will be adjusted. We check everything (this is an important point, since incorrectly filled out data will invalidate the ticket, and not every airline will be ready to change it, and Tutu.ru washes its hands in such circumstances). And, if desired, we connect additional services:

  • Guaranteed refund if canceled 3 hours before or earlier.
  • Aeroexpress ticket from the train station to the airport.
  • Health insurance from Alpha Insurance (medical insurance, sports insurance).
  • Insurance in case of loss of baggage by representatives of the airport, accident or flight delay. IC “Alfa-Insurance” is also offered.

We confirm the reservation, re-read the restrictions on exchange and return. And you can proceed to payment.

How to buy cheap flights?

To search for cheap flights, Tutu.ru offers options for neighboring dates (in case the departure date should not be strictly fixed, for example, when planning a vacation, when the hotel has not yet been booked) and flights from nearby cities: perhaps even taking into account the trip to them by other transport, the total amount will be lower than when departing from the initially selected airport.

Flight ticket refunds

The conditions for the exchange and refund of air tickets are displayed in the order details from the very beginning of the booking and even before the latter is confirmed. If they are available, you will be refunded the money spent minus the airline’s commission and information service – the amount is set taking into account the date (how many days remain before the flight), the conditions of the particular carrier and the order amount.

To guarantee a refund, you can connect a paid special option of the company – “100% ticket refund for any reason”. However, it is valid only if there is at least 3 hours before departure, that is, it does not apply to delays. The option cost is usually about 10-15 %% of the ticket price. So, in our case it was 2,194 rubles. with an order amount of 15 719 rubles, which is approximately 13.9%.

Tutu.ru – Hotels

You can book a hotel on tutu.ru using the link  https://hotel.tutu.ru/. This service is not very popular, which is not surprising when there is a Booking or Hotels.com in the world. Nevertheless, there is a search for hotels in here.ru, in general, it is not bad and I think it would be unfair to ignore it.

With the order of the hotel, too, everything is standard.

Additional features of the tutu.ru website

In addition to the main direction, booking tickets (for trains, electric trains, aeroexpress trains, planes, buses), the operator offers entertainment excursions and a variety of tours, hotel room rental, auto and corporate support – organization of a “turnkey” business trip without additional service charges:

  • Accommodation, meals, travel.
  • Reporting documents and corporate online contracts.
  • Write-off of payment from a dedicated depository account.
  • Different levels of access for employees and management.
  • Employee databases for autocomplete.
  • Consolidation of corporate and personal user accounts.

Payment and receipt of air tickets on the Tutu.ru website

Payment for tickets on the tutu.ru website is available only by credit card. Payment systems VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and MIR are supported. An electronic version of the voucher will be sent to your e-mail specified during booking. Indicate the order number and the individual code by which you will subsequently go through online registration (starts one day before departure).

How to pay for airline tickets online?

After confirming your booking, the system will redirect you to the bank form. You will need to fill in the fields of the card number, expiration date, the name and surname of the holder (in Latin letters) and the three-digit CVC-CVV code. The transaction is confirmed by entering the code from SMS – a standard check of any bank.

Bonuses and discounts

For every purchase on the tutu.ru website (except for hotels), you will receive up to 2% bonus points, which can be spent on purchasing tickets or receive gift certificates and discounts at partner stores. All the details are on the official website https://bonus.tutu.ru/.

Airline discounts

In the section “Special offers” on the website tutu.ru (transition from the footer), there are regularly collections of reduced prices for air tickets. Everything is divided into categories according to directions: domestic flights within Russia, international flights to neighboring countries, travel to Europe. There is also a filter by airline and city. About a hundred options are available daily.


Tutu.ru, in our opinion, can be called one of the most worthy representatives of the segment:

  • The operator has a wide range of destinations. In fact, he organizes a turnkey trip.
  • This is a well-known and proven company that has been on the market for a long time.
  • The tutu.ru website and the mobile application are convenient and functional.
  • There is a guaranteed refund service for cancelling an order, albeit a paid one.
  • The reviews on the resource are quite good and definitely better than those of analogue suppliers.
  • There is an official registration and license.

Of course, this does not negate the high fees and lack of responsibility, but still the picture, in our opinion, is not bad.

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